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The Implementation of a PMO is also a Project

The PMO initiative has very different reasons to be implemented, high management idea, compliance, opportunity process strategy and others. I have the experience of implementing PMO´s and a very important point is how we justify this investment and how We deal with implementation.

Building a Project Management Office

By Mark Piscopo 2009 In today’s complex business environment new projects are constantly being developed as organizations seek new ways to reduce costs, improve processes, increase productivity, and build their bottom line. Managing these diverse projects along with their people, resources, technology, and communication is a difficult endeavor for which […]

What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

By Louis Marshall 2009 If you looked at the most prominent job searching website in your region you would find that different industries mean different things when they use the word project manager. For our purposes, we are going to talk about a typical project manager within the software development […]

Project Management Training – Warning Signs That You Need One

By Jessica Parklanes 2008 When projects do not make it to deadlines, there are many things going on behind the scenes. As an accidental manager, you are tasked to keep the boat on an even keel with few resources and people. Project management training can help you man the ship […]

Confronting Project Management Challenges by Adding a Project Management Consulting Firm

By Thomas P Stevens 2009 There are many reasons that corporate executives turn to external consultants to provide project management support for their projects. The challenges that organizations face include: sub-par project performance, the potential for lost credibility, lack of experience with a particular project type, and a lack of […]

Project Management Best Practices

By Simon Buehring 2005 As both an active project manager and a project management trainer, people often ask me what are the fundamental aspects to successful project management. Whilst there have been many great books written on the subject, I always summarise what I believe to be the best practices […]

The Importance of Project Closeout and Review in Project Management.

By Dimitrios Litsikakis 2006 Description The well known English phrase “last but not least” could not better describe how important the project closeout phase is. Being the very last part of the project life-cycle it is often ignored even by large organizations, especially when they operate in multi-project environments. They […]

Quick Tips For Pmp Exam

By: Gregory Reed There’s no shortcut to pass this hurdle except studying hard, practicing to answer simulation tests, and smart way of preparing for the exam. That said, here are some quick effective tips that can help you in your pmp certification preparation to get best results in the PMP […]