Quick Tips For Pmp Exam

By: Gregory Reed

There’s no shortcut to pass this hurdle except studying hard, practicing to answer simulation tests, and smart way of preparing for the exam.

That said, here are some quick effective tips that can help you in your pmp certification preparation to get best results in the PMP exam.

Know what to expect

First off, learn the requirements and familiarize the type of test you are going to take. For example, there is a pre-requisite of 35 contact hours of project management training to make you eligible to take the PMP exam. The said exam, moreover, is comprised of 200 questions in a multiple choice type. You will be given four (4) hours to finish the test. About 40% of the questions will be based on practical situations, in which you will have to select the best corresponding solution or the right course of action.

Never rush to take the PMP exam

Although this is already common sense, but for some reasons there are still many project management practitioners who ignore this advice. And the result is mostly unfavorable. If you want to save time and ensure good results, don’t attempt to sit on the PMP exam right after your project management training. The best way to do is to familiarize and do some practice exam questions. You can purchase or borrow from someone you know who has PMP Exam Sample questionnaires.

Mental preparation

Don’t take mental preparation lightly. After some considerable time of preparation, you need to take a time to relax and get the right mindset. Think positive. Everyone and that also includes the Project Management Academy wants you also to pass the test and is rooting for your success. You need not worry and just put your energy and focus for the PMP test.

Memorize key points and formulae

Part of the PMP examination is for you to provide the correct application of important points or certain formulas in various areas in the profession, such as in cost management and other performance domains. You can save time when you have them already committed in memory, and just need to quick recall when needed.

Don’t miss to answer all questions

If you are not sure on several items in the exam, you can skip them for a while and jump directly to the next number. But be sure to get back to them, and when you are still don’t know the correct answer, just take your chances and choose one that you feel is the right one. The point is you will not be penalized for a wrong answer, but you will surely miss a chance if you leave some items unanswered.

Review your answers

When you are done answering all 200 questions, do not pass your answer sheet right away. If you still have enough time, use it to review your answers especially on the ones that have given you a hard time to figure out.

These are some of the most effective tips that can help you pass the PMP exam. Yet again, you cannot achieve to get the desired result without studying hard and proper preparation.

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