DRC Consultores se orienta a los resultados de negocio implementando y/o capacitando en diversas metodologías comprobadas y aprobadas como mejores prácticas, buscando su mejor aplicación de acuerdo al contexto de sus Organizaciones.
DRC Consultores provee experiencia y guía al desarrollo de sus proyectos, apoya en su administración, en la implementación de metodologías y procesos de la oficina de proyectos, de acuerdo a la mejores prácticas.
DRC Consultores ofrece una serie de opciones de capacitación para el desarrollo de habilidades, conocimiento de metodologías y la aplicación práctica de las mismas.
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The Implementation of a PMO is also a Project
Nov 25, 2013 by mdelriod with Comentarios desactivados en The Implementation of a PMO is also a Project

The PMO initiative has very different reasons to be implemented, high management idea, compliance, opportunity process strategy and others. I have the experience of implementing PMO´s and a very important point is how we justify this investment and how We deal with implementation.

Building a Project Management Office
Feb 16, 2011 by alicia with Comentarios desactivados en Building a Project Management Office

By Mark Piscopo 2009 In today’s complex business environment new projects are constantly being developed as organizations seek new ways to reduce costs, improve processes, increase productivity, and build their bottom line. Managing these diverse projects along with their people, resources, technology, and communication is a difficult endeavor for which […]

    En los proyectos, siempre será preferible quedar bien al final que al principio, promesas ofrecidas en un principio pueden ser parte de las promesas no cumplidas al final del proyecto.
    Manuel Del Río
    Do you manage all risks? No, because there could be too many to manage, and not all risks have the same impact.
    Simon Buehring
    The consultant can convert standard project data from a reactive snapshot of historical information into a predictive project analysis tool.
    Thomas P Stevens
    Knowing the IT part of project management training is just an aspect, but the bigger picture is effectively managing resources and meeting the project deadline...
    Jessica Parklanes
    Making sure that the software solution delivered to the client is bug free and in fact what they asked for is another major responsibility of a project manager.
    Louis Marshall
    An effective PMO is a catalyst for greater efficiency as it allows an organization to do more quality work with fewer resources and less risk.
    Mark Piscopo